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Every year millions of people suffer from food born illness and other food related complications that sicken and hospitalize many, a small percentage of cases even result in death.  Food born illnesses are preventable and an under reported problem in the United States.  

Food born illnesses can pose a very serious problem for certain groups of people who are at higher risk than others and there are a lot of factors that play a role in food safety.  From farming practices to preparation for consumption, each layer has it’s challenges that need to be addressed.


The class ranges depending on the people but it is usually 8 hours but sometimes less depending on how quickly we get through the material.

Yes. The exam is included.

You will need to bring the following:

1. Something to write with to take notes.

2. A laptop for the exam portion ( If you do not bring one you won’t be able to take the exam.)

3. A bagged lunch there aren’t too many options nearby for food.

4. The class is taught in English only. If you do not speak/read English well, bring a translator otherwise you will have a difficult time understanding the information and taking the exam.

If, by chance, you happen to fail the exam we can reschedule a time for you to take the exam portion again for an additional fee.

What We Cover
Food Safety Training

Food can be very dangerous. From improper handling to allergens, prepared incorrectly food can kill someone. Food safety training is designed to teach you all about it.

There are a number of companies nationally that offer this training; at Frontier Kitchen we offer the SERVSAFE Food Manager Certification.

Regulatory Agencies
Food regulations are difficult and governed both by federal law and state and local health codes. As a general rule, the Health Department regulates restaurants, caterers and foods sold directly to the customers.
Safety Testing and Plans

If you intend to put a product on grocery shelves, be prepared for the requirements for safety testing and Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point Plans. Each product will have different requirements; contact your local agriculture department for more information.

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