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Are You stuck on how to start your food business? Would you like a step-by-step course?
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Take the first steps to breaking free from the shackles of your job and start doing what you have always dreamed of doing! We’ve taken our years of experience helping small business owners navigate the murky waters of getting their ideas off the ground and put it in this basic introductory course. It isn’t as bad as you think and there are a few things that if you do upfront will save you time down the road.

Problem is NO ONE HAS LAID IT OUT BEFORE! That’s what this mini-course is about.

If you or someone you know is considering starting a food business but is getting hung up on the details and where to start this is the course for you. It is an easy to digest introduction to the world of food business and will give you a basic understanding of what you need to do get your company set up, start producing and get out there selling. The goal isn’t to overwhelm you with the details but to shine some light on what steps you need to take to get some momentum!

Different locales have different rules but there are some things that stay the same. These are the same things we tell each person when they come into our kitchen for a tour and we are sharing it with you so you can use it no matter what your location.

The beginner who is still figuring out what they need to get set up or a person who wants to start but isn’t sure where to begin.
To get an overview of what they need to have in place when getting started so they don’t miss anything, saving them time and money so they can move forward with confidence.
It’s about 1 hour long but you can take it at your own pace. You don’t have to finish it in one sitting. It’s a good idea to watch a module and then work on the action items before continuing on to the next section.
What We Cover
Regulatory & Licensing

What regulatory agencies will you be working with? Which licenses will you need to get?

Costing & Pricing

What does it cost you to produce your product? How do you figure out what to charge your customer?

Where to Sell

Where can you go to find customers and sell your products?

When to Hire

Do you need employees right away? If not when is the right time to hire and how do I find the right people?

Where to Produce it

Where is the best place for you to start producing it? What are the differences between all the options?

And More...

Other things that need to be considered and are often overlooked.

How to Start a Food Business Course

The Why, What, Who & How to Get your Business Started
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