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We are a business accelerator and incubator for the food and beverage industry. We have amazing kitchens, on site experts and an entire network of people, partners and technology to help you create a successful food company.

If you want to start or grow a food business we can help you.

Whether you are a seasoned culinary professional or a home chef, we have the resources and knowledge to help you be the businessperson you want to be. We help you as much or as little as you like. We aren’t here to run your business for you…we are your support team.

Currently the most prevalent trend in the industry, online food sales is a new and open market ready for new companies and looking for more options. From hot serve delivery to heat & serve prepared foods, this is a rapidly growing segment of food & beverage.

Frontier Kitchen members have stepped up to meet this demand and are thriving, many doing better now than ever before. Our kitchens are an inexpensive option for production (meaning a larger profit margin for you than if you get your own space).

We help all sorts of food producers, including (but not limited to):
Virtual Restaurants



Ms. Brenda Cromer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontier Kitchen. A former intelligence analyst with a specialty in organizational analytics, Ms Cromer is an expert in evaluating organizations (including businesses) and determining the root cause of problems or challenges they are facing and coming up with plans to help the organization reach its goals. Since launching Frontier Kitchen in 2015, Ms. Cromer has worked with over 300 entrepreneurs and helped them grow many multi-million dollar companies.


Mr. Cassity Jones is the COO and Co-Founder of Frontier Kitchen. Mr. Jones is a very experienced and highly talented pastry chef, having run teams across the country including the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Four Seasons in Washington DC. Mr. Jones is Frontier Kitchen’s expert in food safety, kitchen flow and production. He has advised more than 300 entrepreneurs on how to scale their manufacturing processes, creating dozens of successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Hemant Mathur
Chaat and More

Frontier kitchen is a great place for food truck/Catering companies like mine. They provide all facilities and services that are needed for a small business to grow. They have a wonderful team that manages the facility. The facility offers clean, well equipped kitchen and storage spaces. Flexible membership options and you can work anytime in the kitchen(based on your membership). They also provide online resources/portals to enhance your business.

Overall I will recommend Frontier Kitchen for any small business in food industry.

Marcus Fields
ANI Spices

I have had great experiences with the staff at Frontier Kitchen. They helped get me set up, and walked me through the VDACS paperwork to a degree that my entire operation was approved with just one edit, and only one inspection! Literally the only complaint I have is that some of the outlets in the kitchen don’t work, but there are many, and most of them do. But the point is, if this is the only problem I have with a kitchen like this, you can imagine how well everything else goes with the service. Being allowed in and out on my schedule is a great advantage to the odd hours I work, and having an inspected kitchen to do my work in any time has been exactly what my spice business has needed to get off the ground!


We are often asked how we came up with Frontier Kitchen. The simple answer is that we are just like our members; we were starting small food companies and needed a place to work and someone to help us through the maze of starting a business.

When we came up with Frontier Kitchen we realized we could make it easier for others and provide a space that would benefit everyone. As co-founders we realized we were each good at different parts of the process; as an analyst, Brenda is good on the business startup side, having written dozens of business plans and spent many years working in organizational analytics (studying organizations to identify their strengths and weaknesses). Cassity is a chef, having spent 20 years working in fine dining restaurants and high end hotels throughout the U.S. Put together, we have a stellar start up team.

Now, years after we first began the process we are creating a community of companies that are more stable and prosperous working together than they would be by themselves. With stability comes growth and prosperity, for the companies (some of whom are preparing for their solo launches), and for our neighbors and cities, allowing for stronger communities and small businesses that can weather the storms.


Frontier Kitchen’s goal is to take companies from start-up or small business phase and grow them to strong, sustainable companies. Our team is a combination of talents–Leaders, Analysts, Chefs and Experts–that employ our skills and knowledge on behalf of our members. We do not run your company for you, but we provide the backbone of your support team.

Whatever stage your company is in–whether brand new or with years of experience–consider meeting with us to see if Frontier Kitchen is the right place to help you grow.